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The European Journal of General Practice (EJGP) is the official journal of WONCA Europe, the European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine. The EJGP is an Open Access, international, peer-reviewed journal. The journal publish original research papers, review articles and clinical case reports on all aspects of primary care medicine (family medicine, general practice), providing new knowledge on medical decision-making, healthcare delivery, medical education, and research methodology. 


For articles published during 2017-2021 by corresponding authors who are members of WONCA Europe (the European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine) or one of its national colleges, the Article Publishing Charge (APC) is £350 / US$450 / €400 for articles over 1500 words, and £175 / US$225 / €200 for shorter articles, excluding abstracts, tables and figures.

The standard article publishing charge (APC) for corresponding authors who are not members of WONCA Europe or one of its national colleges is: £870 / US$1310 / €1000 for articles over 1500 words. For shorter articles the APC will be £435 / US$565 / €500.You can find more details on the APC in the Instructions for Authors. There is no charge to submit to this journal.